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We raise about a quarter million honeybees to pollinate our orchards, herb, vegetable, and rose gardens. We are mesmerized as we watch them collect pollen from the clover, dandelion, persimmon, pomegranate, blackberries, lavender, rosemary, pistachio, avocado, meyer lemon blossoms and over 100 varieties of roses.

Bee Hives: 30 hives
Helpers: 250,000 honey bees

Wildflower Honey Notes: Our wildflower honey is rustic and addictive. The strawberry-blond product of our thriving bees has a subtle, non-cloying sweetness with notes of dandelion, apple, artichoke, and ripe olive. Pure and unfiltered, it’s ready to spread on toast, add depth to Darjeeling tea, or serve alongside salted meats, piquant marinades and mustards.

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