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We harvest olives from a variety of trees at CASPAR ESTATE including a grove of Mission Olive trees planted over 100 years ago. We hand and pneumatically harvest the olives from the trees, and then hand-sort them before delivering to the olive press. Our award-winning olive oil has garnered gold medals from Judges at the Los Angeles County Fair Olive Oil of the World Competition, one of the most prestigious events in the industry.

Heritage Trees Planted: 1878 – 1903
Varietal(s): Mission

Farmed trees Planted: 2000
Varietal(s): Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Luca, Manzanillo, Picholine, Pendolino, and Sevillano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Notes: Our Tuscan style extra virgin olive oil has a mature full balance of white pepper and grassy aromas followed by a creamy herbaceous finish. Subtle flavors of tomato leaf and sweet apple pair well with salads, poached fish, seared meat or a rustic baguette.

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