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Take care of the land and it will take care of us. Sustainable, earth-friendly, certified organic farming practices are paramount at CASPAR ESTATE.  We preserve, protect, and maintain our plant resources for the ecological value of future generations.  Being organic, we produce our own compost and spray compost teas to fertilize our vegetation. What we don’t make ourselves we supplement with an organic fish fertilizer emulsion. 

Natural inhabitants of the land also participate in what we grow. We built perches for Barn Owls and predatory birds to assist us in rodent control, provide a hospitable environment for helpful insects, and plant crop cover for nitrogen and soil erosion control.

Our solar panels provide clean, reliable, and renewable power to our property.

The combination of our small producer personal touches with our organic and sustainable farming produces award winning results, including complex, fruity olives, wine grapes with character and pure amber honey.

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